efttex 2022


HARD BELLY is the first belly boat made of rigid material (polyethylene) molded with the rotational system .Unsinkable thanks to its newly designed structure, very similar to modern kayaks, with a hollow interior. Hard belly is ideal for rental by sport fishing structures and fishing guides, as it is not subject to holes and unpleasant damages due to incorrect or excessive use. Ideal for bassfishing, it also ideal in other fishing environments such as the lagoon or the sea, thanks also to the possibility of being customizable with an electric motor. Great attention also to the on-board electronics thanks to a double positioning transducer system, classic and with 180 ° side vision. Accessible (with lowered back seat) on medium-sized cars and up.
The hard belly will be available in 3 versions:
Basic Version: equipped with 6 rod holders, 3 open hatches, engine storage compartment, housing for echosounder transducer (also for Side Imaging models), 2 integrated transport wheels, 4 carrying handles and different threaded inserts to make any desired adjustment.
DeLuxe Version: with added waterproofe hatches, 13 traction points for different spare parts.
FishingPro Version: with added padded seat, 4 RailBlaza transducer mounts and a protection system to avoid accidenta detachment of the electric engine.



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