The Koi fishing kayak shares simplicity, easy customization and a great stability in the water. The Koi features low/high seating positions for easily paddling and comfortable ergonomic fishing.
For those anglers who are looking both for speed and stability, Koi is the answer. Infact Koi has both the speed needed to track long distances quickly, and the stability to stand and fish when you reach your destination. Designed to fish flatwaters, tidal waters, and those fishing spots beyond the breaks the Koi comes equipped with a wide range of features that satisfy fly fishermen and standard anglers as well. The Koi comes standard with a 2 positions padded seat, an integrated and removable backpack, gear tracks for customized accessories, 3 rod holders, a center wide removable hatch, a front wide hatch, a rear area for storage, an elastic decknet. An optional rudder with foot steering control keeps the bow pointed to the right direction.

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